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Classic Designs Updated for Today’s Home

Inspired by the ageless beauty of New York's five boroughs, Grace includes knobs, pulls, and appliance pulls that lend a nod to some of Top Knobs' most well-loved designs from the past 25 years. The unique offerings are reminiscent of the ever evolving yet timeless appeal of their namesake neighborhoods in Manhattan. With six series of contemporary, transitional, and traditional style knobs, pulls, and appliance pulls, you're sure to find the hardware you've been dreaming of. Grace is an unparalleled collection that tells the story of the historic streets of New York City. The pieces in this collection invite the allure of Manhattan into the home.

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  1. Riverside Pull
    Riverside Pull
    Retail Price $11.71
  2. Riverside T-Knob
    Riverside T-Knob
    Retail Price $9.24
  3. Barrow Knob
    Barrow Knob
    Retail Price $8.14
  4. Barrow Pull
    Barrow Pull
    Retail Price $12.13
  5. Henderson Knob
    Henderson Knob
    Retail Price $8.82
  6. Henderson Pull
    Henderson Pull
    Retail Price $11.29
  7. Kent Knob
    Kent Knob
    Retail Price $8.03
  8. Kent Pull
    Kent Pull
    Retail Price $9.92
  9. Minetta Tab Pull
    Minetta Tab Pull
    Retail Price $15.59
  10. Pomander Pull
    Pomander Pull
    Retail Price $11.71
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