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Aspen II


Solid Cast Bronze in Contemporary Finishes

The Aspen II collection combines old-world shape and style with contemporary finishes, ideal for transitional spaces. Made with solid castings of artisan grade bronze, Aspen II is quality in the palm of your hand. The products in the Aspen II range are available in three plated finishes: Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel and Brushed Satin Nickel. Classic and faux bois styling in three modern finishes makes the Aspen II collection at home in rustic or updated décor. Mix and match the knobs and pulls to create a hand-crafted feel for your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Like the original Aspen collection, each solid bronze Aspen II piece is hand-cast and hand-finished for a beautiful, elegant style at an affordable price.

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  1. Aspen II Button Knob
    Aspen II Button Knob
    Retail Price $26.62
  2. Aspen II Cup Pull
    Aspen II Cup Pull
    Retail Price $41.79
  3. Aspen II Flower Backplate
    Aspen II Flower Backplate
    Retail Price $10.45
  4. Aspen II Large Egg Knob
    Aspen II Large Egg Knob
    Retail Price $31.13
  5. Aspen II Large Potato Knob
    Aspen II Large Potato Knob
    Retail Price $30.40
  6. Aspen II Oval Backplate
    Aspen II Oval Backplate
    Retail Price $16.01
  7. Aspen II Peak Knob
    Aspen II Peak Knob
    Retail Price $24.05
  8. Aspen II Round Backplate
    Aspen II Round Backplate
    Retail Price $10.76
  9. Aspen II Round Knob
    Aspen II Round Knob
    Retail Price $22.68
  10. Aspen II Rounded Pull
    Aspen II Rounded Pull
    Retail Price $27.93
  11. Aspen II Square Backplate
    Aspen II Square Backplate
    Retail Price $10.76
  12. Aspen II Square Knob
    Aspen II Square Knob
    Retail Price $19.79
  13. Aspen II Twig Pull
    Aspen II Twig Pull
    Retail Price $25.04
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